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Our Experienced Team can offer you different levels of services, from intelligence to guidance, from content orchestration to creation.

Our technology at your service

Our content workflow management solution will automatically handle your content publication by inserting itself into your workflow and automating the main tasks.

Some examples:
Advanced preview machine learning modelsCustom templates for automated draftsGlossaries for adherence to personal manual styleRewriting for content model normalisationAutomated keyword optimisationIntegration with customer APIsMachine translation for low resource languagesBrand voice assistantCreation of glossaries for industry or corporationProofreading and assisted machine translation«Text style transfer» translationScalability up to 500 pieces per dayPlatform for accessing and managing specialised copywritersNLG draft proofreading with human finishingVirtual editing with professional Editors-in-ChiefMedia Monitoring of 400K sources in 14 languages

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