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Why Contents?

We want to inspire others

We help you analyze competitors so that you can get ahead, create content that explains what you do, your purpose, allowing you to grow and sell more. We do it in a simple way, by entirely relying on technology.
our vision

We make content creation easy by expanding access to language technologies and giving people augmented creativity

Contents.ai platform is designed to be the one-stop shop to help every business and team do more in less time, allowing them to focus on what makes them uniquely human.

Our core strenghts

What makes us unique

Integration State of the art technology for each service
Automation AI automates time consuming tasks
Human-in-the-loop approach Technology is coupled with manual finishing by human writers
Key differentiators

What makes us different

Compared to media monitoring tools
cost-effective solutiondo media monitoring without an analyst
Compared to AI copywriting platforms
AI text generation with integrated SEO logicFully human copywriting where our client works with specific guidelines
Compared to Machine translation platforms
Content workflow integrationAny writing job can have multilingual output