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Key benefits

Want to know all the benefits of logging in to Contents.ai through the API?

CUSTOMIZED & TAILORED EXPERIENCE Contents.ai’s API empower developers to customize and fine-tune the AI's behavior and output according to specific requirements.
EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY Integrating Contents.ai’s API into workflows can significantly improve efficiency and productivity.
INNOVATION & CREATIVITY ENHANCED Users can leverage the AI's ability to generate unique and original content across various domains, such as text, images. Fuel your team’s creative thinking, inspire new ideas, and provide fresh perspectives for artistic, marketing, or problem-solving endeavors.
Api templates

Service tailored for your business

Browse all accessible templates, many more services are on the way!

Ai Chat Obtain always relevant ideas to kick off your content production. Choose between a more creative or fact-based tone, select your language, see the magic happen in a few seconds
Ai Chat
Ai Images & Upscaling Generate always unique images for your digital channels. Say goodbye to pixelated images. Transform low-resolution images into high-quality content.
Ai Images & Upscaling
SEO Article Overcome the writer’s block and boost your SEO content production effortlessly
SEO Article
Social Media post Generator Generate compelling post for your social media platforms to put your brand in the spotlight and impress your target audience
Social Media post Generator
E-Commerce Description Ready for orders to start flying off the shelves? Get SEO-optimized product sheets in seconds. Simply start from relevant keywords or directly insert your GTIN or ASIN code
E-Commerce Description
Translation Let the AI do everything. Attach your document, select the language(s), obtain a translation in seconds
Summarizer & Rephraser Give new life to your existing content and unlock its potential on the different digital channels.
Summarizer & Rephraser

How can we help you?

Who has access to Contents.ai API?

Advanced Plan Users, Custom Plan Users.

Can Contents.ai API be customized for my business?

We have the capability to create personalized private endpoints based on your specific requirements, enabling us to swiftly deploy tailored AI solutions to address your enterprise needs.

Where can I find API documentation?

Here is the link to our API documentation for your convenience.

Your Privacy and Security

Ownership of Customer-Generated Outputs: Customer Entitlement to Full Rights The generated outputs (images and texts) created by the customer through the service are fully owned by the customer, entitling them to all associated rights.

Customer Data Retention: The customer’s data will be kept and retained throughout the duration of the agreement.

Confidentiality of User Inputs: We uphold the principle of not utilizing a user’s inputs or writing prompts as factual information or details for other users. Your inputs remain confidential and exclusive to your own usage. Your data is not used to train third-party AI models.

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